Grumman Goose

Geese N93GS and N4575C at the Flying Legends airshow, Duxford, UK, in 1997.
Grumman produced its twin-engined G-21 amphibian in 1937 as a seven-passnger airliner.
The type was originally powered by 450hp Pratt and Whitney R-985 radial engines and was adopted by the USAAF, US Coast Guard and US Navy as the Goose during World War II.
The type found limited use after the war with airlines, particularly in the USA. McKinnon Enterprises in the USA undertook numerous upgrades, including the G-21C and G-21D Turbo-Goose, with Pratt and Whitney Aircraft of Canada PT6A turboprops.
A G-21G Turbo-Goose model was available until 1980 from McKinnon-Viking Enterprises of British Columbia, Canada. The type still flies with private owners in the US and with Pacific Coastal Airlines in Canada.
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