Lockheed L18 Lodestar

Serial c/n Mark Owner and notes
'LV-ACR' C-60A Monumento de Aeroclub Rafaela, Rafaela.
N7001 18-2427 C-60A Under restoration by Sabena Old Timers, Brussels.
CP-2046 18-2500 Learstar II Stored Santa Cruz. Status uncertain.
PT-CGV 18-2190 C-60 Preserved by Museu Eduardo Andre Matarazzo, Bebedouro.
2006 18-2368 C-60A Preserved by Museu Aeroespecial, Rio de Janeiro.
CF-CEC 18-2132 Learstar National Air Force Museum of Canada, Trenton, Ontario. Parts used in restoration of Hudson FK466.
CF-CPA 18-2177 18-08 Wreck near Schefferville, Quebec. Crashed 1960.
CF-SEQ 18-2246 18-08A Preserved on pole in restaurant car park, Sainte-Julienne, Quebec.
CF-TCY 18-2064 18-08 Canadian Museum Of Flight And Transportation, Vancouver, British Columbia. Under restoration Abbotsford.
CF-TDB 18-2220 18-08 Preserved by Reynolds-Alberta Museum, Wetaskiwin, Alberta.
C-FOZO 18-2209 Learstar Western Canada Aviation Museum, St Andrew, Manitoba. Fuselage.
FAC654 18-2327 C60A Colombian Air Force Museum, Bogota.
OH-VKU 18-2006 18-07 Preserved by Suomen Ilmailusmuseo, Helsinki-Vantaa airport.
N1XV 18-2573 LearStar II Wreck St Margarets Bay-Ken Jones.
OH-SIR 18-2444 Gulfstar Preserved at the Forvarsmuseet Flysamlingen, Oslo-Gardermoen. Marked as 'G-AGIR'.
New Zealand
ZK-BUV 18-2152 18-56 Gisborne Aviation Preservation Society, Gisborne.
ZK-BVE 18-2020 C-56D Museum of Transport, Technology and Social History, Point Chevalier.
VH-XUS 18-2388 C-60A Wanaka Transport Museum, Wanaka.
N1846G 18-2576 C-60A Preserved by Peruvian Air Force Museum, Lima Las Palmas air base. Marked as '512'.
South Africa
ZS-ASN 18-2026 18-08 South African Airways Museum, Rand Johannesburg. Moved 10/04.
ZS-ATL 18-2058 18-08 South African Air Force Museum, Lanseria. Marked as '245'.
ZS-ASN ZS-ASN ZS-ASN On display with Arlanda Flysamlingar, Stockholm-Arlanda airport.
United States
N21G 18-2526 C-60A Stored by Douglas Weske,, Blaine Anoka County airport, Minnesota.
N30N 18-2274 18-50 Airworthy with Commemorative Air Force, Chesapeake Hampton Roads, Virginia. Marked as 255884.
N31G 18-2302 C-60A 1940 Air Terminal Museum, William P Hobby airport, Houston, Texas.
N41CW 414-6124 Dallaero Lodestar Airworthy. Wirraway Aviation, Chino, California.
N43WT 18-2565 18-56 Wreck. James Sawn, Galveston, Texas. Marked as 39626.
N60JT 18-2478 Learstar Airworthy. Commemorative Air Force, West Houston airport, West Houston, Texas. Marked as 256005.
N102V 18-2035 18-08 Preserved by Castle Air Museum, Castle air force base, California.
N114CA 18-2560 Gulfstar Under restoration by MayAir Xpress, Texarkana, Arkansas.
N119J 18-2359 18-08 Stored by Casablanca Airlines, Lousiville-Bowman, Kansas.
C-56C Derelict Aero Traders, Ocotillo Wells, California.
N177L 18-2185 BACC H-250 Trigear Airworthy with Planes of Fame Air Museum, Chino, California.
N250JR 18-2232 Howard 250 Airworthy with Wiley Saunders, Troy, Alabama.
N250X 18-2459 Howard 250 Stored with Taylor Energy, New Orleans Lakefront, Louisiana.
N339 18-2548 Howard 250 Stored Chino, California.
N400NY 18-2379 C-60A Derelict Aero Traders, Ocotillo Wells, California.
N442D 18-2347 C-60A Airworthy. Dole Air, Corinth-Roscoe Turner, Mississippi.
N505R 18-2358 R50-5 Preserved by March Field Museum, March air force base, California. Also 12473.
N555H 18-2013 18-56 Wreck at Rantoul, Kansas.
N631LS 18-2404 R50-5 Airworthy with Brunetto Enterprises, Eloy airport, Arizona.
N781G 18-2430 C-60A Airworthy. Jim Hankins Air Service, Jackson Hawkins Field, Missouri.
N6012 18-2256 C-60A Lindsay Hale. Stored Chino, California.
NC6166 18-2322 C-60A Airworthy. Future Floors, Davis-Yolo County, California.
N6711 18-2484 BACC H-250 Stored by Future Floors, Vacaville, California.
N1000B 18-2622 C-60A Preserved by Planes Of Fame Air Museum, Chino, California.
N1000G 18-2562 18-56 Preserved by Disney-MGM Studios, Disneyworld, Florida.
N1001S 18-2505 C-60A Derelict at Tucson international airport, Arizona. Status uncertain.
N1940S 18-2509 Dallaero Lodestar Airworthy.Scott Glover, Mount Pleasant, Texas.
N2768Y 18-2538 Howard 250 Stored by Peter Pess, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Status uncertain.
N3779G 18-2201 C-60A Preserved by Planes of Fame Air Museum, Chino, California. Marked as  'AM711'.
N96334 18-2273 C-60A Airworthy. IAT Ltd,Richmond- Byrd Field, Virginia.
41-19729 18-2089 C-56 Preserved by Jimmy Doolittle Air and Space Museum, Travis air force base, California.
42-25918 18-2333 C-60A Preserved by Museum of Aviation, Warner-Robins air force base, California.
43-16445 18-2605 C-60A Preserved by United States Air Force Museum, Dayton Wright Field, Ohio.
Bu12481 18-2411 R50-5 Preserved by Pima Air and Space Museum, Tucson, Arizona.
Aviation Warehouse, El Mirage, California..
Aviation Warehouse, El Mirage, California..
N69415 18-2349 C-60A Preserved by Museo Aeronautico, Montevideo.
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