Lockheed L15 Harpoon/L37 Ventura

Serial c/n Mark Owner and notes
VH-SFF 237-5378 PV-1 Under restoration by Royal Australian Air Force Historic Flight, Point Cook, Victoria. Marked as 'A59-67'.
A59-73 237-6142 PV-1 Preserved by Arnhem Land Historical Society, Darwin, Northern Territory.
A59-96 237-6371 PV-1 Preserved by Queensland Air Museum, Caloundra, Queensland.
N165H 237-58906 PV-1 Preserved Museu Aeroespacial, Campo dos Afonsos, Rio de Janeiro.
CF-FAV 237-5324 PV-1 Under restoration. Alberta Aviation Museum, Edmonton Airport, Alberta.
N7486C 15-1385 PV-2 Italian Air Force. Stored Rome-Fiumicino.
New Zealand
NZ4600 137-4773 Ventura IIa Preserved by Museum Of Transport, Technology And Social History, Point Chevalier.
4620 15-1439 PV-2C Museo do Air, Alverca. Wreck.
South Africa
6066 37-4184 Ventura I South African Air Force Museum. Wreck at Swartkop, Pretoria.
6112 137-4642 Ventura II South African Air Force Museum. Wreck displayed at Swartkop, Pretoria.
6120 137-4646 Ventura II South African Air Force Museum.Fuselage at Swartkop, Pretoria.
6432 237-5649 Ventura GR.V Preserved Dickie Fritz Moth Hall, Edenvale, Johannesburg.
6447 237-5855 Ventura GR.V South African Air Force Museum, Ysterplaat air base, Cape Town.
6487 237-6219 Ventura GR.V South African Air Force Museum. Preserved at Swartkop, Pretoria.
6498 237-6290 Ventura GR.V South African Air Force Museum. Stored at Swartkop, Pretoria. Marked as 'TS306'.
6534 237-6011 Ventura GR.V South African Air Force Museum. Stored at Swartkop, Pretoria. Marked as 6583.
United Kingdom
6130 137-4607 Ventura II Stored by Royal Air Force Museum at Cosford.
United States
N2PV 15-1220 PV-2 Stored by Southwest Aviation, Las Cruces, New Mexico. Carries former identity N7248C.
NL10PV 37216 PV-2 Airworthy. Ex N7256C.
N10PV 15-1182 PV-2 Earl R Benedict. Stored Schellville-Sonoma Valley, California.
NL20PV 15-1490 PV-2 Airworthy. Earl R Benedict. Nut Tree airport, Vacaville, California.
N83L 15-1501 PV-2D Airworthy. Tilamook Air Museum, Tilamook, Oregon.
N130P 237-5958 Howard 500 Stored Chandler-Memorial, Arizona.
N137U 237-5650 Howard 500 David Cummings. Stored Blaine Anoka, Minnesota.
N183PL 237-5492 Super Ventura Chico Air Museum, Chico, California.
N234P 237-5336 Super Ventura Under restoration, Heritage and Aviation Museum, Orange County Great Park, Irvine-El Toro, California.
N1448 15-1478 Howard Super Harpoon Derelict El Mirage, California.
N500HP 237-5551 Howard 500 David Cummings. Blaine Anoka, Minnesota.
N500LN 237-5560 Howard 500 Airworthy. Tony Philipps/TP Aero, Blaine Anoka, Minnesota.
N1000X 137-4688 RB-34 Under restoration at Sanford, Florida, for Sanford Memorial Park.
N6655D 15-1600 PV-2D Under restoration by Lone Star Flight Museum, Galveston,Texas. Marked as 37634.
N6657D 15-1606 PV-2D Under restoration by Taigh Ramey, Stockton, California.
N6853C 15-1125 PV-2 Stored Lafayette, Louisiana.
N6855C 15-1432 PV-2 John Bilyeu. Derelict Rialto, California.
N6857C 15-1216 PV-2 Stored Lafayette, Louisiana.
N7080C 15-1465 PV-2 Hirth Air Tankers, Buffalo, Wyoming. Stored.
N7086C 15-1410 PV-2 Bill Dietzel, Chandler-Memorial, Arizona.
N7249C 15-1137 PV-2 Neil Rose. Stored Jerome City, Idaho.
N7251C 15-1516 PV-2D Aafchan Air. Stored Chandler-Memorial, Arizona.
N7255C 15-1223 PV-2 Preserved by Pima Air and Space Museum, Tucson, Arizona. Carries 37257.
N7257C 15-1236 PV-2 Under restoration. Wingspan Aviation Foundation, Mesa, Arizona.
N7261C 15-1073 PV-2 Tim Savage. Stored Jerome City, Idaho.
N7265C 15-1362 PV-2 Airworthy. American Military Heritage Foundation, New Palestine, Illinois. Marked as 37396 'Hot Stuff'.
N7268C 15-1095 PV-2 Quarry Products. Wreck Mesa-Falcon Field, Arizona.
N7272C 15-1242 PV-2 Hirth Air Tankers. Stored Buffalo, Wyoming.
N7273C 15-1177 PV-2 Airworthy. Palm Springs Air Museum, California..
N7414C 15-1428 PV-2 Airworthy. Central California Historical Military Museum, Firebaugh-Eagle Field, California.
N7454C 15-1599 PV-2D Wingspan Aviation Heritage. Stored Mesa-Falcon Field, Arizona.
N7458C 15-1200 PV-2T2 Gary Hilton, Buffalo, Wyoming.
N7483C 15-1168 PV-2 Kermit Weeks, Stored Chino, California..
N7670C 15-1438 PV-2 Airworthy. Dave Hansen, Heber City, Utah.
N72707 15-1458 PV-2 Preserved Mayday Golf, North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
N86492 15-1473 PV-2 Airworthy. Commemorative Air Force, Mesa-Falcon Field, Arizona.
N86493 15-1604 PV-2D Under restoration. Cavanaugh Flight Museum, Addison, Texas.
37230 15-1196 PV-2 Preserved by National Museum of Naval Aviation, Pensacola, Florida.
AJ311 137-4449 Ventura II Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum, Pueblo-Memorial airport, Colorado.
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