Lockheed L12 Electra Junior

Lockheed 12 F-AZLL in the static park at the Paris Air Show in June 2003
The Lockheed 12 Electra Junior was developed as a six passenger version of the ten-seater Electra for feederline operators.
The L12 first flew on June 27, 1936 and sales almost equalled that of its big brother, with 130 built.
Most were L12As but a large number entered USAAF military service as the C40, later UC40, in various guises, including the five-seat C40A and a C40B with experimental tricycle landing gear. The US Navy received one seven-seat aircraft as the JO1, five six seaters as the JO2 and one VJO3 which featured fixed tricycle landing gear for deck landing tests.
The type also saw military service in Argentina, Canada, Cuba, the Netherlands East Indies and the UK. The Dutch used 36, with 16 the tpre 212 with a forward firing machine-gun, a dorsal turret and racks fort 800lb (363kg) of bombs.
Post-war one aircraft was used by Naca, later Nasa, which tested a wing de-icing system that bled hot gases from the engine exhausts.
Today several L12s fly on with private owners, notably in the US and France.
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