Oldprops Links
Here you will find links to other sites which contain photographs or information on old propeller airliners, transports and workhorse aircraft. The reviews are the personal views of the author.
Operators of preserved aircraft
www.airatlantique.co.uk Air Atlantique Official site of this British operator of many oldprops - DC6s, Electras, DC3s and a Convair 440.
trfn.clpgh.org/ah Air Heritage This Pennsylvania-based group flies a C123 Provider. Some good photographs and a detailed service history here.
www.members.aol.com/airline404/index.html Airliners of America Inc This organisation operates the Martin 404 N636X from Camarillo Airport in California. This site is very basic, and some of the links do not lead to what you might expect, but it does give some useful contact information.
membres.lycos.fr/neo2097/ampaa.htm Association des Mécaniciens-Pilotes d'Aéronefs Anciens Homepage of the organisation that flies Hurel Dubois HD34 F-AZNH. In French.
www.beechrestorations.com Beech Restorations All you will need to know about the group restoring Beech 18 G-BKRN to airworthy condition.
www.spiritoffreedom.org Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation The well-produced official homepage of the operator of C54E N500EJ. Also gives details of their restoration to airworthiness of its C97.
www.confederateairforce.org Commemorative Air Force Homepage Probably all you will want to know about the Texas-based, but USA-wide, operator of historic aircraft. The aircraft inventory and where each warbird is based is particularly useful.
www.aviodrome.nl Aviodrome The Dutch Aviodome's homepage. Operator of a Constellation, DC2, DC3s and others. Site in English and Dutch.
www.connie.com The Constellation Group This is a superbly-organised site and tells you all you want to know about the organisation which keeps Constellation N494TW in the air.
www.members.tripod.com/~N73544 Constellation Historical Society Homepages of the group and its Connie N73544. Beautifully produced.
www.geocities.com/TheTropics/7629/DC3/dc-3.html Continental Airlines Historic DC3 Details and photographs of the US-based DC3 N25673.
www.xs4all.nl/~dda/UK/index.htm Dutch Dakota Association This official site has a lot of information on the DDA's fleet of DC3 and DC4s and is regularly updated to detail which airshows they will be attending.
www.flyingbulls.at The Flying Bulls Homepage of the Austrian company restoring DC6 N996DM to airworthiness.
www.goldtimer.hu/e_index.html Gold Timer Foundation Homepage of the Hungarian group which keeps Lisunov Li2 HA-LIX flying.
http://members.ozemail.com.au/~simonlc/connie.html Historical Aircraft Restoration Society Updated address for the official pages of this Australian group which operates Connie VH-EAG.
www.imperial-airways.com Imperial 42 Project Contained within the site are details of plans to build a Handley Page HP42 in Britain for pleasure flights.
www.ju-air.com/E_Juairhp.htm Ju-Air Official pages of this Swiss-based Ju52 operator.
www.starliner.net/index.html Lockheed L-1649A Starliner Maine Coast Airways own three Starliners, two in Maine and one in Florida, and this site has much detail about them.
www.maam.org/index.html Mid Atlantic Air Museum The official site includes information on their airworthy Martin 404 and Viscount.
catalinabookings.org/intro.asp Plane Sailing Official homepages of this UK-based Catalina operator.
www.prop-liners.com Propliners of America US group restoring a CV240 to fly.
www.airlinehistorymuseum.com Save a Connie (now renamed Airline History Museum)A slickly-presented site detailing the work of the Kansas, Missouri-based operatators of a Constellation, Martin 404 and DC3.
www.superconstellation.ch Super Constellation Flyers Association The home page of the magnificent Swiss-based Super Coinstellation.
Sites run by enthusiasts
www.airliners.net Airliners.net Huge, searchable database of photographs, including many propliners.
www.fly.to/airnet The AirNet Links Site This site is run by Howard Curtis, who writes the AirNet column in Aircraft Illustrated, and is a must for your favourites if you have any interest in aviation. It is purely a list of links to aviation sites, including this one, but in a well organised manner which saves a lot of surfing time.
www.airlinerphotos.com Airliner Photos on the Web Run by Ralph Kunadt, this site contains a large number of photos, mostly of modern airliners but with good classic airliner sections. In particular check out the Alaskan props section.
www.alaska.net/~garnet/airliners.html Airliners Alaska Some good photos by John Orr on this site covering old props still plying their trade in Alaska.
www.avialantic.com Avialantic This is a Maryland, USA, based aviation information site which contains a good links page with details of many historical groups. Nice to see Oldprops gets a favourable mention in the Antiques and Classic section.
www.beech18.net The Beech 18 and Staggerwing Site All you are every likely to want to know about this twin.
members.aol.com/airnikon/bigdougs.htm Big Dougs Lots of thumbnail photographs of US old propliners here.
home.worldonline.dk/~lai/props.html Big Props One of a couple of sites set up by Nicolai Musante Larsen, see also dc3 below. This has photographs of several propliners.
www.petrowilliamus.co.uk The Blackburn Beverley A superb homemade site by Peter Stubbs. This is a real tribute to the Beverley with some good links to other sites. I particularly liked the photographic record of the destruction of Hendon example XH124 and associated diatribe.
http://users.chariot.net.au/~theburfs/archive.html The Burf's Australian Aviation Archive John Burford's site is steadily growing into a great reference for all things Antipodean. Always worth a look.
www.c-7acaribou.com C-7A Caribou Association Lots of information about this distinctive troop carrier that made its name in Vietnam.
www.angelfire.co/wa2/c133bcargomaster/home.html The C-133 Project Cal Taylor's homepage of the Cargomaster with plenty of information.
www.cactuswings.com Cactus Wings Incorporates the Arizona Spotters Page with its information about the workhorse props of the state.
www.cl44.com Canadair CL44 If you want to know anything about the CL44 this is the place to go. Great photographs too.
www.conniesurvivors.com Connie Survivors Ralph Pettersen's round-up of the world's Constellation population with lots of photos and news.
users.cybercity.dk/~dsl28789 Copenhagen Aviation Some propliner photographs on ths extensive siite by Soren Madsen.
www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/Hangar/4262/dc3.html dc3 A lot of photographs of the venerable Dak and some good links on a homemade site by Nicolai Musante Larsen. I really like this site, and not just because it contains a neat link to my own!
www.douglasdc3.com The DC3 Hangar A truly wonderful site by Trevor Morson full of articles, photographs - and soundtrack.
www.dhc-2.com De Havilland Canada Beaver Dedicated to the tough bush transport.
www.oc-kahuna.com/CV2.html De Havilland Canada Caribou Interesting site containing many photographs.
home.wxs.nl/~raaph019/index.html Douglas Dakota and Lockheed Constellation pictures Great site with lots of information about European Daks and a useful list of Connie links.
www.propnet.free-online.co.uk/herald.htm Herald Now this is a really good "one type site" with photographs and a production list.
members.xoom.com/L1049/main.html Lockheed Constellation An embryonic site which is not fully up and running yet but aims to provide information purely on the Constellation.
http://www.dean-boys.com/ec-121.htm Lockheed EC-121 Constellation Beautifully produced site on the military Connie - with lots of links.
www.moninoaviation.com Monino Air Force Museum, Russia A great site from Douglas Alberg on Russia's premier aircraft museums. A useful photographic record.
mypage.bluewin.ch/aviationworld/pc6/index.htm Pilatus Porter Dedicated to the Swiss STOL transport.
http://home.golden.net/~ronsig/ronnie2.htm Ronnie's Viscount Page A one-type site with some photos of Viscounts.
www.geocities.com/superelectra/ Super Electra Homepage Lots of photographs and information.
www.thai-aviation.net Thai Aviation New site on all things to do with aviation in Thailand from a good friend of Oldprops, Steve Darke.
www.warbirdsofindia.com Warbirds of India A superb site detailing many aspects of Indian aviation and lots of great photographs.
www.webring.org/cgi-bin/webring?list&ring=aero Webring This group acts as an on-line community for privately-run aviation sites. There are a lot of useful sites listed with brief descriptions.
Airlines and companies
www.afia.com Aerial Firefighting Industry Association Great action photographs and links to all the North American operators of firebombers make this a useful site.
www.aerounion.com Aero Union Corporation Official site of one of the leading aerial firefighter operators and conversion companies. Some great action shots in the photo gallery.
www.aircargoexpressak.com Air Cargo Express Alaskan C46 and DC6 operator.
www.airtanker.com/aap/aap2.htm Associated Airtanker Pilots This is a well-organised guide to airtanker fleets and bases, with the serial and codes tie-up page of particular value.
www.baslerturbo.com Basler Turbo Conversions The official page of this Oshkosh USA-based DC3 converter.
www.ptialaska.net/~brksfuel Brooks Fuel Inc A small site with a couple of good photos of the Douglas props of this Alaskan fuel-carrying company.
www.buffaloairways.com Buffalo Airways Excellent home page of this major Canadian prop operator.
www.butleraircraft.com Butler Aircraft Co US DC6 firefighter operator.
www.conair.ca/index.cfm Conair Offiicial pages of this Canadian DC6 operating firefighting organisation.
www.era-aviation.com Era Aviation Part of this Alaskan Convair 580-operating company's site is devoted to Era Classic Airlines and its two DC3s.
www.martinmars.com Forest Industries Flying Tankers Canadian operator of the giant Martin Mars firebomber seaplanes.
hometown.aol.com/iar01/index.htm International Air Response Arizona-based DC7 and C130 operator.
www.flymva.com/dc3.html Miami Valley Aviation Florida-based DC3 operator.
www.neptuneaviation.com Neptune Aviation US-based Neptune firebomber operator.
www.northernaircargo.com Northern Air Cargo Alaskan DC6 operator.
www.penturbo.com Penn Turbo Aviation New Jersey-based converter of Caribous to turbine power.
www.phoebusapollo.co.za Phoebus Apollo South African old props operator.
www.rovos.co.za/rovosair.html Rovosair South African operator of two Convair 440s.
Museums and private collections
www.afw.co.nz Air Force World The official site of the Royal New Zealand Air Force Museum and its two locations at Wigram and Ohakea, both of which include C47s in their colllections. A very basic site but with useful information on how to get there and opening times.
www.planesoffame.orgThe Air Museum Planes of Fame A well-organised site detailing this dual-site US museum, including information on their Constellation at Valle Airport at the Grand Canyon.
www.museum-of-flight.org.au Australia's Museum of Flight New South Wales based collection which includes a C47 and plans to add other aircraft of Oldprops interest.
go.to/airlinersmuseum International Airliners Museum This informative site is dedicated to a fledgling museum in Victoria, Australia, currently based in a garage and without any aircraft, but with big plans to acquire both a site and old airliners. It is interested in the Dutch Dakota Association's DC4.
www.chew76.fsnet.co.uk Bristol Aero Collection A basic guide on how and when you can gain access to the collection at Kemble, Gloucestershire, England.
www.bristol-britannia.com Britannia Aircraft Preservation Trust The homepage of this Kemble, England-based group which maintains Brit XM496. A lot of photographs and more general information on the whispering giant.
www.motor-software.co.uk/brooklands Brooklands One of the best museum sites I've seen - this tells you all you want to know, and more, about this important aviaton and motorsport museum which contains the last Vickers Vanguard among other rare exhibits.
www.adastron.com DC3 VH-ANR Not many DC3s have their very own homepage but this gives a comprehensive history of the Queensland Air Museum's example.
www.iwm.org.uk/duxford.htm Duxford The official site of the Imperial War Museum's collection at this Cambridgeshire airfield, which also houses the Duxford Aviation Society's airliner collection. The DAS do not appear to have a website yet but if you want someone to design one for you guys....
http://www.mae.org/ Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace Homepage of France's major aviation collection at Le Bourget, north of Paris. Includes a detailed list of the stored aircraft, which include many to interest Oldprops visitors. A shame you can only see them once a year!
www.museum-of-army-transport.co.uk Museum of Army Transport The homepages of the group which preserves the last Blackburn Beverley contains a lot of useful information on the aircraft.
www.fly.to/MuseumofBerkshireAviation Museum of Berkshire Aviation The homepages of this small but growing museum, which looks after Herald G-APWA.
www.museumofflight.org Museum of Flight Seattle Lots of oldprops at this huge museum, including a Boeing 247.
www.rafmuseum.org.uk/flashframe.cfm Royal Air Force Museum The official site of the Royal Air Force museums at Hendon and Cosford, which contains one of the largest collections of old airliners in Britain. A triumph of style over substance, it contains hardly any infortmation about the aircraft.
www.nasm.edu/NASMhome.html Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum The homepages of this huge free Washington DC-based museum includes photographs of all the exhibits, including the early airliners hall. The list of aircraft to be displayed at the new Dulles Center is well worth a look.
www.saamuseum.co.za South African Airways Museum Society Looks after static projects such as the Constellation and Viking. A very impressive, large site.
www.travis.af.mil/museum Travis Air Museum Homepage of this California collection, which includes a C-54.
www.wpafb.af.mil/museum United States Air Force Museum A tour of the museum in Dayton, Ohio, USA, which has several old props on show.
www.tahs.com/propline.html Propliner Magazine There is only one glossy magazine devoted to old propeller airliners and this is it. This Aviation Hobby Shop site gives details of back issues, although it is not updated very often. There is also information on ordering back issues and subscriptions.
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