For first-time visitors a big welcome to Oldprops. I hope you will find this site of interest if you have any affection for old airliners or for aircraft in general.
The site has two main aims: Firstly, it is simply a place where people can enjoy the photographs I have taken of the many classic old propeller airliners that still exist around the world. Secondly, it is intended as a place where people can get in touch with each other, via the information exchange, and hopefully further the preservation of some of these wonderful aircraft.
There are hundreds of groups of enthusiasts around the world that try to keep alive the sight and sound of these wonderful classics, either in a museum or as a flying aircraft. All of these organisations rely on public support for their continued existence. So, when you have finished surfing through my pages, why not look them up on my links page and help them by buying a souvenir, giving a donation or even booking a pleasure flight.
You will find information on more than 100 types, including photographs, service histories and census pages. New photos and updates on individual aircraft are added regularly, but please note that Oldprops is a one-man operation (namely me), run on a personal computer in a tiny bedroom 'somewhere in England' as and when my spare time allows. Fatherhood has inevitably reduced the latter somewhat, as you may imagine!
The types covered range from old propeller airliners to workhorse aircraft - such as fire bombers - and other relevant types. If you have any updates or information, however small, please feel free to add to the information exchange - you will find a link to it at the top of the contents page. Please note the information exhange is not intended as a place for site visitors to contact me.
I hope you enjoy the site - and do keep coming back as I try to keep it up to date and often add new photographs and information.
The propmaster
December 2013
COPYRIGHT: All the photographs on the site were taken by me and I own the copyright. My policy on copyright is simple: If you want to copy my photos for your personal use then that is fine - well, how could I stop you? However, they are not for re-publication anywhere else - including on other websites - without my specific permission and without crediting Oldprops. Aircraft magazines and other commercial concerns should e-mail me first if they want to use them and "make a donation" at usual publication rates.
I don't claim copyright on any facts in the censuses. If you want to reproduce a complete census list for publication in the manner I have presented it then I would appreciate a credit. After all, it has taken a lot of one-handed typing to get these lists on the Web!
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