Hurel Dubois HD34

HD34 F-BICV lives on in a corner of its former base at Creil-Senlis airfield in northern France but is steadily decaying and being surrounded by foliage. Surely it deserves proper preservation?
The Hurel-Dubois HD34 was part of a series of French aircraft all featuring a high aspect ratio wing, characterised by long span and narrow chord.
First to fly was the HD31 transport powered by two 800hp Wright Cyclone C7BA2 engines on December 29, 1953. The HD32 followed on February 11, 1955, and featured two 1,200hp Pratt and Whitney R-1830-92 Twin Wasp engines.
Both aircraft subsequently re-engines with 1,525hp Wright 982 engines and redesignated HD321-01 and HD321-02. Neither types entered production but eight similar aircraft were built as mapping aircraft by the Institut Geographique National as HD34s. They differed by featuring an extended and glazed nose for a navigator or photographer. Three of these aircraft survive in France, one still flying with a preservation group.
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