DHA Drover

Drover VH-FDC
The Australian Royal Flying Doctor Service appreciated the Drover's tough qualities and used several across its unforgiving Outback. VH-FDC is preserved in Alice Springs in the Northern Territories.
The Drover began in a requirement by Australia's Royal Flying Doctor Service for an eight-seat transport to operate in the remote Outback.
The DHA-3 was based broadly on the Dove but had three 145hp Gipsy Major 10 Mk2 engines and a tailwheel landing gear. The prototype first flew in January 1948 and a total of 20 aircraft were eventually built, production ending in 1953.
Customers included the RFDS, Qantas, Trans-Australia Airlines and Fiji Airways. All six Flying Doctor aircraft were re-engined with Avco Lycoming 0-360 engines and named Drover 3s.
A couple of aircraft remain flying with private operators in Australia.
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