De Havilland Dove

Serial c/n Owner and notes
LV-LER 04042 Museo Aeronautico del Aeroclub Baradero, Baradero.
LV-LES 04237 Preserved Tolosa, La Plata.
LV-XZX 04143 Preserved Neuquen.
LV-YAO 04181 Preserved by Aeroclub San Antonio Oeste.
F-12 04156 Preserved Museo Nacional de Aeronautica, Moron air base.
CR-TAG 04373 Australian Aviation Heritage Centre, Darwin, Northern Territory.
G-ANDX 04435 Fuselage at Redcliffe, Queensland.
VH-ABK 04113 Ballarat Aviation Museum, Victoria. Front fuselage.
VH-ABM 04097 Sixth Canus Pty, Ballarat, Victoria. Riley Dove.
VH-CJY 04404 Western Australian Museum of Aviation, Ferndale.
VH-DHH 04499 Central Australia Aviation Museum, Alice Springs, Northern Territory.
VH-DHI 04410 Stored Redcliffe, Queensland.
VH-DHK 04508 National Museum of Australia, Canberra. Status uncertain.
VH-DHN 04486 Kamarooka Aviation Museum, Mitiamo, Victoria.
VH-DSM 04120 Queensland Air Museum, Caloundra, Brisbane. Marked as VH-MAL.
VH-DVE 04420 Preserved by Aviation Museum, Bankstown, Sydney, NSW.
VH-EOB 04209 E O'Brien, Mackay, Queensland.
VH-MGT 04050 Wreck Penfield, South Australia.
VH-NBM 04416 Sixth canus Pty, Wallan, Victoria. Riley Dove.
VH-OBI 04525 Air Champagne. Based Tocumwal, New South Wales. Status uncertain.
NZ1814 04397 Preserved Greenock, South Australia. Ex VH-CJX.
NZ1817 04403 Preserved Penfield, South Australia.
OE-BVM 04488 Technisches Museum, Vienna.
- - Wreck.
PT-KUG 04334 Stored at TAM Museum, San Carlos.
N40P 04361 Dismantled at Villeneuve Airport, Alberta.
N4913V 04272 J&D Expeditors. Airworthy at Chilliwack airport, British Columbia.
OY-BHZ 04270 Preserved at Dansk Veteranflysamlung, Stauning.
OY-DHZ 04476 Danmarks Flyvemuseum, Stauning.
802 004053 Warbirds International. Stored Debre Zeyit. Ex Air Force.
F-BGOA 04344 Sodetag Formation. Instructional use at Toussus Le Noble. Riley Dove.
D-IFSA 04531 Airworthy with Braun und Euchner Heritage Centre, Stuttgart.
D-IKER 04530 Preserved Auto und Technik Museum, Sinsheim.
D-IKUR 04296 Airworthy with Ingo Presser, Soest-Bad Sassendorf.
D-INKA 04266 Airworthy with LTU Classic, Monchengladbach.
G-DEVN 04269 Luftfahrtund Technik Museumpark, Merseburg. Ex WB533.
G-NAVY 04406 Preserved Hermeskeil. Also XJ348.
HW201 04074 Preserved HAL Heritage Centre, Bangalore.
IN124 Preserved Naval Aviation Museum, Dabolim, Goa.
HW204 04081 Agragami technical school, Yelahanka.
Indian AF technical school, Yelahanka, Bangalore. Possiblly HW203.
Zawra Park, Baghdad. Identity uncertain.
Irish Republic
G-ASNG 04485 Irish Air Corps Museum, Casement, Baldonnel.
VP-YKF 04292 Meath Aero Museum, Ashbourne. Marked as 176.
I-ANIC 04495 Museo dell'Aeronautica Gianni Caproni, Trento.
D-102 Stored Amman. Status uncertain.
JY-AEU 04288 Royal Jordanian Air Force Historic Flight. Based Amman. Riley Dove. Status uncertain.
JY-RJU 04540 Royal Jordanian Air Force Historic Flight, Amman. Status uncertain.
L-110 Stored Beirut. Status uncertain.
FM1051 04521 Air Force Museum, Kuala Lumpur.
OO-SCD 04117 Aviodrome, Lelystad. Nose section.
XJ350 04453 Aviodrome, Lelystad. Marked as PH-MAD.
New Zealand
ZK-DHW 04533 Airworthy. Devon 21 Syndicate, North Shore.
ZK-KTT 04324 Airworthy. New Zealand Warbirds Association, Auckland Ardmore. Marked as NZ1808.
ZK-RNG 04323 Wanaka Transport and Toy Museum. Carries NZ1807.
ZK-UCO 04322 Classic Flyers Museum, Tauranga.
ZK-UFO 04169 Classic Flyers Museum, Tauranga. Marked as NZ1802.
ZK-XNZ 04426 Airworthy. Based Wigram. Ex NZ1828.
NZ1803 04294 Preserved RNZAF Museum, Wigram.
NZ1804 04304 Under restoration, Devon 1804 Project, Ashburton. As Inst214.
NZ1805 04312 RNZAF. Retired from ground instruction use at Woodbourne.
NZ1806 04319 RNZAF. Retired from ground instruction use at Woodbourne.
NZ1813 04396 Museum of Transport and Technology, Avondale, Auckland. Stored.
NZ1819 04405 RNZAF. Retired from ground instruction use at Woodbourne. To Historic Aircraft Flight, Ohakea.
NZ1820 04411 Fuselage at Aeroview Museum, Ashburton.
NZ1822 04413 RNZAF. Retired from ground instruction use at Woodbourne. To Historic Aircraft Flight, Ohakea.
NZ1827 04425 Phil Hindon, Ashburton.
NZ1829 04427 Preserved Ashburton Aviation Museum.
CR-CAL 04157 Museo do Ar, Ota air base. Stored.
Serbia (Yugoslavia)
72201 04432 Aeronautical Museum, Belgrade.
G-ARDE 04469 Al Mahatta Aviation Museum. Painted as 'G-AJPR'.
South Africa
ZS-BCC 04079 Transnet Heritage. Restored by South African Airways Museum Society, Swartkop.
801 04031 Warbirds International. Ex Ethiopian Air Force. Stored Northgate.
802 - Warbirds International. Ex Ethiopian Air Force. Stored Northgate. An 802 also reported in Ethiopia, so possibly two aircraft.
803 04537 Warbirds International. Ex Ethiopian Air Force. Stored Northgate.
G-ARBH 04196 Derelict Zaragoza.
N9888A 04534 On display at Malaga Airport. Marked as PH-VLA.
N9890A 04535 Stored Malaga Airport.
Sri Lanka
CS401 04463 Sri Lanka Air Force Museum, Colombo-Ratmalana air base. One of museum aircraft believed repainted as CS404.
CS402 04464 Sri Lanka Air Force Museum, Colombo-Ratmalana air base.
CS405 04501 Sri Lanka Air Force Museum, Colombo-Ratmalana air base.
CS406 04502 Sri Lanka Air Force Museum, Colombo-Ratmalana air base.
Fuselage at Colombo-Ratmalana air base.
SE-EUR 04496 Preserved Arlanda Flysamlingar, Stockholm Arlanda.
SE-GRA 04437 Wreck Norrkoping Kungsangan.
VR-NAP 04082 Osterlens Flygmuseum, Garsnas. Marked as '46002'.
United Kingdom
D-IFSB 04379 De Havilland Heritage Museum, London Colney.
G-AHRI 04008 Newark Air Museum, Nottinghamshire.
G-ALCU 04022 Midland Air Museum, Coventry. Marked as G-ALVD.
G-ALFU 04234 Preserved Duxford, Cambridgeshire.
G-ANAP 04433 John Morgan, Pershore, Worcestershire. Cockpit.
G-ANOV 04445 Museum of Flight, East Fortune, Scotland.
G-ANUW 04458 Preserved at Nottingham East Midlands airport aeropark, Leicestershire,
G-APSO 04505 Devonair. Front fuselage at Little Rissington, Gloucestershire. Engine test rig.
G-AREA 04520 De Havilland Heritage Museum, London Colney.
G-ARBE 04517 Devonair. Stored Little Rissington.
G-ARHW 04512 Airworthy with Aviation Heritage Ltd, Coventry airport.
G-ARHX 04513 North East Aircraft Museum, Sunderland.
G-ARJB 04518 Devonair. Stored Little RissingtonGloucestershire.
G-BVXR 04436 Devonair. Stored Kemble. Also XA880.
G-BWFB 04088 Air Atlantique Classic Flight. Stored near Coventry. Also VP959.
G-BWWC 04498 Air Atlantique Classic Flight, Coventry. Also XM223. Stored off site.
G-DDCD 04528 Devonair. Stored at Little Rissington, Gloucestershire.
G-DHDV 04205 Air Atlantique Classic Flight, Coventry. Also VP981.
G-DVON 04201 Devonair. Stored Little Rissington, Gloucestershire. Also VP955.
G-HBBC 04211 Devonair. Stored Little Rissington.
G-KOOL 04220 Preserved by Yorkshire Air Museum, Elvington, as VP967.
G-OPLC 04212 Airworthy. Conciair Heritage Group, Bournemouth.
G-RNAS 04473 National Diving and Activity Centre, Tidenham, Gloucestershire. Also XK896. Sunk in quarry as diving aid.
G-SDEV 04472 Airworthy. Devonair, Kemble.
VP952 04048 RAF Museum Cosford.
VP957 04208 Nose at 178 Squadron, Air Training Corps, Belfast. Rear fuselage at Ulster Aviation Heritage, Langford Lodge.
VP975 04255 Science Museum store, Wroughton.
United States of America
N11XW 04401 Airworthy with Flight Research Inc, Mojave, California.
N104DV 04514 Paul Gillies. Stored Colorado Springs, Colorado.
N111ZE 04516 Airworthy with Business Squadron, Front Range, Colorado.
N228J 04391 Floyd Blair. Stored Avon Park executive airport, Florida.
N234D 04387 Mid Atlantic Air Museum, Reading, Pennsylvania. Status uncertain.
N551JC 04306 Texas Air Museum, Slaton airport.
N557JC 04380 Mid Atlantic Air Museum, Reading, Pennsylvania.
N559Q 04475 Fuselage in White Industries scrap yard, Bates City, Missouri.
N630H 04378 Wreck at edge of Lake Istokpoga, near Sebring airport. Visible on satellite maps.
N772S 04467 Thomas Hudson Jr. Riley Dove. Airworthy. Based Bessamer, Alabama.
N1565V 04451 Dismantled at Bessamer, Alabama.
N3793 04331 Dismantled at Bessamer, Alabama.
N4916V 04275 Derelict at Mojave, California.
2531 04382 Air Force Museum, Maracay.
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