Dornier Do24

Do24 HD5-2
Do24 HD.5-2 is preserved at the Spanish Air Force Museum at Cuatro Vientos, Madrid
The Dornier Do24 first flew on July 3, 1937 powered by three 600hp Junkers Jumo 205C diesel engines and 170 were built for the Luftwaffe during World War II.
A further 48 Do24T-1 aircraft were built for the German war effort by SNCA du Nord in France.
Twelve Do24T-3 aircraft were delivered to the Spanish Air Force in June 1944 and the type remained in service in the country until the 1970s.
One aircraft was converted by Dornier to turboprop power in the 1980s as the Do24TT and, after it was retired to a museum, it was resurrected in 2003 and bought by Seair of the Philippines to operate tourist routes bewteen the islands. It returned to Germany later in the decade.
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