Douglas DC7 Census

Serial Type c/n Owner and notes
FAC923 7C 45111 Preserved at Bogota-El Dorado. Ex-Fuerza Aerea Colombiana. Status uncertain.
Democratic Republic of Congo
N869TA 7C 45188 Derelict Kinshasa.
OY-KND 7C 45211 Nose preserved at Danmarks Flyvemuseum at Kastrup.
45061 7C 45061 Stored by Musee de L'Air at Le Bourget, Paris. Ex F-ZBCA.
EC-GGB 7C 45112 Nose section preserved by Musee European de l'Aviation de Chasse, Montelimar.
Irish Republic
G-AOIE 7C 45115 Fuselage preserved at Cavan and Leitrim Railway museum, Dromod. Remainder scrapped at Waterford. Marked as EI-AWA.
N6357C 7 45490 Preserved by Museo de Transporte y Exposiciones in Jalapa, with false registration XA-VER.
EC-BBT 7C 45553 Preserved by aero club at San Augustin, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Painted in Rothmans cigarettes colours for advertising. This has also been listed as EC-ATR c/n 45309 but that reportedly had different cabin window layout.
EC-GGC 7C 45215 On display in Parque Miralflores, Cordoba.
N7524 7C 45096 Wreck at Khartoum.
United States
N334AA 7 45106 Nose preserved at National Air and Space Museum, Washington DC, in American Airlines colours.
N381AA 7BF 44921 On display at New Smyrna Beach Municipal Airport and planned to be converted into restaurant. Last flight by Turks Air, Opa Locka, in 2005. In original American Airlines colours and registration.
N401US 7 45145 Flown by Butler Aviation, Madras, Oregon, as a water bomber and coded 62.
N756Z 7BF 45400 Used as engine testbed by Butler Aviation at Redmond, Oregon.
N757Z 7B 44924 Walter Soplata Collection at Newbury, Ohio. Dismantled.
N777EA 7C 45549 Stored Litchfield Park, Goodyear, Arizona. Owned by Pyramid Oil Co.
N836D 7B 45345 Airworthy with Legendary Airlines in Eastern Airlines colours. Based at Opa Locka, Florida.
N838D 7B 45347 Butler Aircraft, Madras, Oregon. Marked as tanker 60,
N4885C 7B 45314 Scrapped Chandler-Memorial, Arizona, 2/06.
N4887C 7B 45351 Flown by Air Response at Coolidge, Arizona, as a water bomber coded 33. In basic Delta Airlines colours.
N4889C 7B 45353 Was to be restored to flying condition by Scroggins Aviation/Prop-Liners of America. Still at Chandler-Memorial, Arizona, in 2012
N5902 7C 45070 Scrapped Chandler-Memorial, Arizona, 2/06. Forward fuselage to US Airline Industry Museum Foundation, Polk City, Florida. Registered to Scroggins Aviation.
N6000V 7C 45542 Scrapped Chandler-Memorial, Arizona, 2/06.
N6321C 7 44285 Fuselage at East Iliff Pre-school, Denver, Colorado.
N6353C 7 45486 Flown by Butler Aviation, Madras, Oregon, as a water bomber and coded 66.
N51701 7B 44701 Preserved at Pima Air Museum, Tucson, Arizona.
N90251 7C 45367 Stored by Brooks Air Fuel at Fairbanks, Alaska.
N90804 7C 45116 Scrapped Chandler-Memorial, Arizona, 2/06. Forward fuselage preserved Commemorative Air Force Museum, Mesa, Arizona.
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