DC3 European Census

Serial c/n Owner and notes
N86U 13073 1st Austrian DC3 Dakota Museum, Salzburg. In Austrian Airlines markings as OE-LBC.
CCCP-13381 Kromovo Museum. Li2.
22 Museum of the Great Patriotic War, Minsk. Soviet markings. Li2.
LX-DKT 10253 Dakota Museum, Melsbroek Barracks.
K-16/OT-CWG 20823 Preserved by Musee Royale De l'Armee at Brussels.
K-31/OT-CNR 16064 Derelict fuselage at private house in Poperinge.
71248 Preserved Sarajevo.
Bulgarski Vozdushni Voiski Muzeum, Kumovo Air Force Base, Plovdiv. Li2.
103 Preserved in Karlovac.
Wreck reported in field near Prozoc. Natural metal with fin in pieces.
71212 Wreck Zeljava.
71255 On display Otocac-Plitovice.
312 Dumped at Zada Zemunik airbase.
Czech Republic
N143J 1995 On show at Ruzyne airport, Prague. In Czech Airlines markings. Displayed as OK-XDM.
OK-WDI 23442710 Czech Air Force Museum at Kbely. Li2.
3002 23443002 Czech Air Force Museum at Kbely. Li2.
OY-BPB 20019 Akirworthy. Danish Dakota Friends. In air force colours as K-682. Based Vaerlose.
K-681 9664 Preserved by Danmarks Flyvemuseum at Billund as OY-DDA.
K-687 19200 Dansk Veteransflysamlung, Stauning.
SE-EGR 42970 In private museum, Vandel.
OH-LCD 19309 Airveteran, Helsinki.
OH-LCH 6346 Airworthy. Airveteran, Helsinki. Finnish Airlines colours.
OH-VKB 1975 Preserved by Finnish Air Force Museum at Helsinki.
DO-4 14070/25515 Preserved Keski-Suomen Ilmailumuseo, Tikkakoski. Ex-Finnish Air Force.
DO-5 19795 Fuselage used by parachute club at Helsinki Utti. Ex-Finnish Air Force.
F-AZOX 16604/33352 Airworthy. Seine Aviation, Caen-Carpiquet.
F-AZTE 9172 Dakota et Cie, La Ferte Alais. 
F-BLOZ 13142 Preserved by Amicale Jean-Baptiste Salis at La Ferte Alais. Marked as 315101.
F-GEOA 16004/32752 Preserved L'Epopee De L'Industrie et de L'Aeronautique, Albert.
F-OGFI 15010/26455 Nose preserved at Musee de l'Air, Le Bourget, Paris.
G-ALWC 13590 Preserved by Ailes Anciennes Toulouse at Toulouse-Blagnac.
N49AG 11737 Airworthy. Edwards Brothers Aviation, Paris Orly.
N56NA 4979 Preserved by Musee European de l'Aviation de Chasse, Montelimar.
N3455 16631/33379 Fuselage aft of cockpit believed to be in northern France.
N4332E 32561/15813 Musee des Troupes Aeroportees, Saint Mere Eglise.
25 19288 Preserved by Airborne Troops Museum at St Mere Eglise. Marked as 315159.
87 4579 Preserved at Lorient-Lann Bihoue.
12471 12471 Stored by Musee de L'Air at Le Bourget, Paris.
42-92449 12251 Preserved by Musee de L'Air at Le Bourget, Paris. Displayed as 2100558.
716 16700/33448 Preserved by Musee De Traditions De L'Aeronautique Navale at Rochefort.
71248 19539 Displayed at Batterie Merville. Marked as '43-15073'.
D-CXXX 16124/32872 Air Service Berlin. Named Rosinenbomber. Crashed Berlin-Schonefeld 6/10. Was under restoration at Colgne but status uncertain.
1126735722 Air Service Berlin. Ex G-AMRA.
F-BFGX 11722 Preserved by Auto Und Technik Museum at Speyer.
G-DAKK 9798 Classic Wings, Weeze. Under restoration to fly.
N951CA 16954/34212 Preserved on top of Museum Fur Verkehr Und Technik in Berlin.
N1350M 14897/26342 Preserved at Rhein-Main, Frankfurt, as 43-49081.
N8041A 14005/25450 Preserved by Auto Und Technik Museum at Sinsheim as D-CADE.
N8041B 10100 Preserved by Schwabisches Bauern und Technik Museum at Seiferthofen. Marked as N569R.
N65371 4828 Preserved at Munich Airport in fictitious Swiss Airlines colours as HB-IRN.
14+01 15544/26989 Preserved by Deutsches Museum at Oberschleissheim, Munich.
6068 13880 Preserved near gate at Fassberg.
111 19460 Preserved at Hermeskeil Museum in former Jordanian Air Force colours and registration.
A65-69 15682/27127 Preserved by Luftwaffe Museum, Berlin Gatow.
SX-ECF 16458/33206 Preserved at Civil Aviation Authority headquarters, Athens.
KJ960 14807/26252 Preserved by Greek Air Force Museum Athens Tatoi.
KK156 15295/26740 Airworthy. Greek Air Force, Thessaloniki.
KK169 15435/26880 Greek Air Force ground trainer at Tatoi.
KK171 15417/26862 Greek Air Force ground trainer at Tatoi.
KN475 16204/32952 Greek Air Force. Dumped at Sedes.
KN542 16398/33146 Preserved by Greek Air Force at Sedes.
KN575 16451/33199 Greek Air Force. Stored Sedes 2003.
KP255 16809/33557 Greek Air Force. Stored Thessaloniki Mikra.
49532 15348/26793 Greek Air Force.On display at Tripolis as '92532'.
92613 Preserved by Macedonian Aero Club at Thessaloniki Mikra.
92622 20474 Greek Air Force. Stored Thessaloniki-Mikra air base.
92626 Preserved by Greek Air Force at Elefsis. Gate guard.
92627 Greek Air Force. Dumped Sedes.
92634 13836 Greek Air Force. Dumped Sedes.
92635 Greek Air Force. Dumped Sedes
92638 Greek Air Force. Dumped Sedes.
92641 Preserved on roof of Cafe DC3 at Katahas.
43-49111 14927/26372 Greek Air Force ground trainer Tatoi.
HA-LIQ 23441206 Kozlekedesi Museum, Budapest. Li2.
HA-LIS 23441301 Preserved Vidampark, near Pecs. Li2. Report 10/03.
HA-LIU 18439306 Dismantled at Budaors. Li2. Also serialled 306.
HA-LIX 18433209 Airworthy. Budaors. Li2.
504 18439504 Preserved next to petrol station, Bocsa. Li2. 
TF-ISB 9860 DC3 Friends Association.
TF-NPK 13861 Airworthy. DC3 Friends Association. In Icelandair colours.
17171 43309 Fuselage at Solheimasandur. Ex US Navy. C117D.
17191 43379 Preserved at Egil Olaffson Folk Museum, Hnjotur. Ex US Navy. C117D.
17194 43352 Preserved Rekjavik. Ex US Navy. C117D.
I-RAGS 14799/26244 Airworthy. Volandia Museum, Milan Malpensa.
N8383 14854/26299 On display at Turin-Caselle in LAI markings as I-LEON.
MM61776 Preserved at Italian Air Force Musuem, Vigna di Valle.
MM61777 8810 Stored Voghera. Status uncertain.
MM61799 15262/26707 Stored Voghera. Status uncertain.
MM61800 4260 Stored at Acqua Park Ditellandia, Castel Volturno. Status uncertain.
MM61815 15355/26800 Stored at Acqua Park Ditellandia, Castel Volturno. Status uncertain.
MM61826 4380 Parco Tematico dell'Aviazone, Cerbaiola.
MM61893 4236 Dumped at Pratica Di Mare. Status uncertain.
MM61894 4261 Preserved by Museo Storico dell'Aeronautica Militare Italian at Guidonia.
MM61895 6011 In vineyard near Bergamo.
C-FITH 20228 Malta Aviation Museum, Ta'qali.
T9-ABC 16187/32975 Malta Aviation Museum, Ta'qali.
F-BAIF 16371/33119 Nose under conversion as flight simulator.
G-AMCA 16218/32966 Preserved at Aviodrome, Lelystad. Orange overall World War II colours. Marked as PH-ALR.
G-BPMP 10073 Nose preserved in Luchtvaart Hobby Shop, Aalsmeerderbrug, near Schiphol airport.
G-BVOL 9836 Preserved at Aviodrome, Lelystad. Marked as PH-TCB.
N32MS 4978 Wings of Liberation Museum, Best.
N10005 25527/14052 Nose preserved at Wings of Liberation Museum, Best.
PH-DDZ 19754 Dutch Dakota Association, Lelystad. Martin's Air Charter colours.
PH-PBA 19434 Dutch Dakota Association. Dutch royal flight colours.
K-688 20118 Preserved at Soesterberg as'T-443'. Ex Denmark.
LN-WND 11750 Airworthy. Dakota Norway, Sandefjord-Torp.
93797 13749 Preserved at Gardermoen.
G-AMPP 15272/26717 Remains at Olawa after it was burned in German TV film. In RAF markings as KN491.
SP-LAS 18423209 Lubuski Muzeum Wojskowe, Letnica. Li2.
027 18439102 Muzeum Lotnictwa Polskiego, Krakow. Li2.
CS-DGA 19503 Stored in TAP colours at Lisbon-Portela de Sacavem. Marked as CS-TDA.
6157 19755 Preserved at Museo do Ar, Sintra.
In use as bar in Faget. Li2.
Russia (includes Russia in Asia)
CCCP-73956 18435804 Salekhard Airport Display, Salekhard.
CCCP-84699 Museum of Regional Studies, Yelizovo airport, Kamchatka. Li2.
CCCP-93914 Air Force Museum, Monino. Li2.
RA-01300K 23441605 Federation of Amateur Aviators of Russia, Moscow-Khodinka. Marked as Red 03. Li2. Written off Moscow 6/04.
RA-04219 Dikson Memorial, Dikson. Li2.
01 Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War, Moscow. Li2.
06 yellow Air Force Museum, Monino. Li2.
25 Museum of the Northern Fleet Air Force, Safonovo Air Force Base, Severomorsk, Kola Peninsula. Li2.
Museum of the Pacific Fleet Air Force, near Vladivostok. Li2.
Great Patriotic War Memorial Museum, Stavropol Oblast. Li2.
Road of Life Museum, Osinovets. Li2.
Garovka Air Base Memorial. Li2.
Komsomolsk Aircraft Factory Museum. Li2.
Novosibirsk Military Aviation Museum. Li2.
Serbia (Yugoslavia)
YU-ABB 13713 Stored Museum of Aviation, Belgrade-Surcin.
YU-ABI 24543/14008 Stored JAT, Belgrade-Surcin.
7011 18422308 Preserved at Yugoslav Aeronautical Museum, Belgrade-Surcin. Li2.
71212 Derelict at former Zeljava air base.
71214 14035/25480 Preserved at Yugoslav Aeronautical Museum, Belgrade-Surcin.
71255 Wreck Otacac.
OK-BYQ 23442309 Preserved Dubnica nad Vahom airfield. Li2P.
20 23442105 Muzeum Slovenskeho Nardoneho. False registration, in Soviet markings. Li2.
40 Muzeum Dukelsko-Karpatske Prirode. Li2.
Muzeum Dukelsko-Karpatske Prirode. Li2.
71254 Partisan mounument, Podzemlje.
EC-AQB 12844 Wreck Barrax.
EC-ASP 26980 Parc Aeronautique de Catalunya, Sabadell. Under restoration.
EC-BUG 32734 Preserved Matacan. Marked as 'T3-59'.
EC-CPO 34361 Luis Urilla/AENA Museum, Malaga. Marked as 'EC-CBC'.
EC-EJB 4479 Preserved AENA, Palma-Son Ferriol, Majorca.
EC-FDH 11982 Nose preserved in aviation shop in Barcelona. Carries USAAF and Spanish AF markinbgs.
T3-28 9914 Preserved outside scrapyard in Salamanca.
T3-36 20600 Preserved by Museo Del Aire at Cuatro Vientos.
There are two fuselages of unidentified former Iberia DC3s in use as summer homes at Villafranca De Castello.
SE-CFP 13883 Airworthy. Stiftelsen Flygande Veteraner, Stockholm-Bromma. In SAS colours.
ES-AKE 16697/33445 Airworthy. Ake Jansson, Vallentuna, near Stockholm.
42-24049 9911 Preserved Flycafeet DC-3, Hotel Roslagen, Norrtälje, north of Stockholm in SAS markings.
Fv79001 9001 Preserved by Flygvapenmuseum at Malmstatt. Wreck recovered from Baltic Sea in 2004.
Fv79002 9103 Preserved by Karlsborgs Fastningmuseum, Karlsborg.
Fv79007 13647 Preserved by Flygvapenmuseum, Linkoping-Malmen.
HB-IRJ 2204 Airworthy. Super Constellation Flyers, Basel. Breitling titles.
HB-IRN 16645/33393 Preserved Verkehrshaus, Lucerne.
HB-ISB 4667 Classic Air, Zurich. Under resatoration Kamenz, Germany.
N431HM 9995 Airworthy. Hugo Mathys, Dubendorf.
TC-ALI 12830 Koc Museum, Sutuce, Golden Horn.
6008 15011/26456 Preserved by Turkish Air Force Museum at Istanbul-Yesilkoy.
6010 25715/14270 Sunk as dive attraction off coast off Bodrum.
6011 26956/15511 Preserved Istanbul - Anadolu Kavagi.
6025 19531 Preserved at Kayseri.
6033 12950 Preserved at Izmir.
6035 10132 Ground trainer at Erciyes University, Kayseri.
6039 13436 Stored Ankara-Etimesgut air base.
6042 12949 Stored Kayseri. Status uncertain.
6045 19729 Sunk as diving attraction off Akcacoca.
6052 13877 Preserved by Turkish Air Force Museum at Istanbul-Yesilkoy.
6054 12713 Stored at Erkilet.
6056 19341 Stored at Erkilet.
6059 12757 Stored at Erkilet.
6062 20112 Turkish AF technical school, Izmir air force base.
6069 19308 On display in Buyukcekmece, Istanbul.
6075 19357 Stored at Erkilet.
6076 12771 Stored at Erkilet.
6079 19644 Dumped at Erkilet.
6091 19602 Dumped at Eskisehir-Anadolu.
6095 13444 Sunk as diving attraction off Antalya.
6096 12955 Sunk as diving attraction off Bodrum.
691 15507/26952 Sunk as diving attraction off Mordogan.
Turkish AF technical school, Izmir air force base. Identity unknown.
Turkish AF technical school, Kutahya.
Army and Military Museum, Kiev. Li2.
United Kingdom
EI-AYO 1911 Preserved by Science Museum at Wroughton.
G-AMHJ 13468 Preserved by Assault Glider Association, RAF Shawbury. In RAF markings as KG651.
G-AMPO 16437/33185 Gate guardian at RAF Lyneham, Wiltshire. Marked as FZ625/YS-DH. Set to move to RAF Brize Norton in 2012.
G-AMPY 15124/26569 Airworthy. Air Atlantique. Coast Guard colours.
G-AMSM Nose preserved by Brenzett Aeronautical Museum at Brenzett.
G-AMYJ 15968/32716 Yorkshire Air Museum, Elvington.
G-ANAF 16688/33436 Air Atlantique, Coventry.
G-APML 14175/25620 Air Atlantique. Scrapped with nose in Kuwait for use in restaurant.
G-BHUB 19975 Preserved in American Air Museum at Duxford as 315509.
N147DC 19347 Airworthy. Aces High, Dunsfold.
N473DC 19345 Airworthy. Dakota Heritage Inc, Liverpool. In USAAF World War II camouflage as 2100882. Coded P.
N4565L 2108 Aeroventure museum, Doncaster. Fuselage only.
N5595T 20002 Stored Hatch, Bedfordshire.
N9050T 12472 Cockpit at RAF Museum, Hendon.
ZS-MRU 4363 Set for Iceland but grounded at Dunsfold.
K-1 26501/15056 Preserved by Wings World War Two Remembrance Museum, Balcombe, West Sussex. Joined to nose of 6W-SAF. Real nose stored.
6W-SAF Nose preserved by Wings World War Two Remembrance Museum, Balcombe, West Sussex. Joined to fuselage of K-1/'FL586'.
KN448 Nose preserved by Science Museum, South Kensington, in Canadian Air Force colours.
KN645 16587/33335 Preserved by Royal Air Force Museum at Cosford.
KP208 16671/33419 Preserved inside gate of Merville Barracks, Colchester, Essex,
ZA947 10200 Flown by Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, Coningsby.
42-93510 Cockpit preserved by Ridgeway Military and Aviation Research Group, Welford, Berkshire.
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