Curtiss C46 Census

Serial c/n Owner and notes
LQ-IYV 30391 Preserved in Loreto.
CP-973 32941 Airthworthy with Lineas Aereas Canedo, Cochabamba.
CP-987 27079 Air Beni. Stored La Paz.
CP-1077 32968 Wreck at San Borja.
CP-1080 26771 Lineas Aereas Canedo. Stored Cochabamba.
CP-1616 22501 North East Bolivian Airways, Trinidad. Stored.
CP-1655 33294 Servicios Aereos Cochabamba, La Paz. Stored.
PP-NMH 26508 SAAVA. Wreck at Itacoatiara.
PP-VCE 30656 Preserved by Museu Eduardo Andre Materazzo, Bebedouro.
2058 155 Museu Aerospecial, Campos dos Afonsos, Rio de Janeiro.
CF-CZH 22515 Wreck near Bryce Bay, Thompson, Manitoba.
CF-HQI 30466 Wreck at Sachs Harbor, Northwest Territories.
CF-IHQ 448 Wreck at Kugaaruk, Nunavut Territory.
C-FAVO 33242 Airworthy with Buffalo Airways, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.
C-GIBX 22472 First Nations Transportation, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
C-GTPO 22556 Buffalo Airways, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. Stored.
C-GTXW 30386 Buffalo Airways, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
C-GYHT 22375 Wreck near Churchill, Northern Territories.
00508 Lushan Aviation Exhibition Centre, Lushan Ranghezhen air base.
Lushan Aviation Exhibition Centre, Lushan Ranghezhen air base.
36044 or 36047 China Aviation Museum, Changping.
36045 or 36047 China Aviation Museum, Changping.
China Civil Aviation Museum, Beijing. 
HK-3150 26812 Stored Bogota-El Dorado.
HH-AHA 26496 Air Haiti. Wreck at Port au Prince.
HH-AHD 30454 Air Haiti. Wreck at Port au Prince.
AN-BPN 22270 LANICA. Stored Tegucigalpa.
AN-BRX 22531 On display at Fundacion Museo del Aire, Tegucigalpa.
61-1127 33255 Preserved at Kawaguchiko Motor Museum.
91-1138 30553 Preserved at JASDF Museum, Hamamatsu-shi AB.
91-1139 30570 Preserved at Yonago-Miho AB.
91-1141 27053 Preserved at Gifu Air Base Museum.
91-1143 293 Preserved at Tokorzawa Aviation Museum, Koku-Koen.
91-1144 296 Nose section preserved at Hijiri Museum, Omi.
91-1145 399 Preserved at Iruma AB.
N1850M 22537 Derelict in Minatitlan.
TEC-6047 30686 Explora Museum and Science Centre, Leon.
RP-C1132 22571 Parts displayed in Cagayan de Oro.
South Korea
77592 32988 Preserved Gimhae Air Force base collection.
77674 33070 Preserved Gimhae Air Force base collection.
8541 22364 Preserved by War Memorial Museum, Seoul. Marked as '10541'
78053 33449 Preserved Air Force Academy, Songmu
C46-045 Chinese Air Force Museum, Kangshan. False registration.
HS-SKD 22561 Preserved near roadside in Chonburi. Former coffee shop.
Parajump trainer, Udon Thani.
United States
N23AC 22451 Everts Air Fuel. Stored Fairbanks, Alaska in 2004.
N611Z 421 Preserved by National Museum of Naval Aviation, Pensacola NAS, Florida. marked as 39611.
N800FA 22595 Glenn H Curtiss Museum in Hammondsport, New York.
N801FA 22600 Everts Air Fuel. Spares use Fairbanks, Alaska.
N1651M 22399 Everts Air Fuel, Fairbanks, Alaska. Stored. Tailless.
N1822M 22521 Everts Air Fuel, Fairbanks, Alaska. Named Salmon Ella.
N1837M 22388 Everts Air Fuel, Fairbanks, Alaska. Named Hot Stuff.
N1845M 22497 Wreck in scrapyard, Fairbanks, Alaska.
N4860V 30240 Everts Air Fuel. Spares use at Fairbanks, Alaska.
N7848B 273 Everts Air Cargo, Fairbanks, Alaska. Named Dumbo,
N53594 22486 Flown by Commemorative Air Force, Camarillo, California. Named China Doll.
N54514 33285 Everts Air Cargo, Fairbanks, Alaska. Named Maid In Japan.
N54584 22318 Everts Air Fuel. Fuselage at Fairbanks, Alaska.
N74173 289 Stored at Yanks Air Museum, Chino, California.
N78774 22597 Flown by Warriors and Warbirds Museum, Charlotte-Monroe Executive Airport, Monroe, North Carolina.
N92853 30565 Everts Air Fuel. Wreck at Chandalar Lake, Alaska.
42-101198 30653 Preserved by Museum of Aviation at Warner Robins AFB, Georgia.
44-77424 32820 Preserved at Hurlburt Field, Florida.
44-77559 32955 Planes of Fames Museum compound, Chino, California.
44-77575 32971 Preserved by Castle Air Museum at Castle AFB, California.
44-77635 33031 Preserved by Pima Air Museum, Tucson, Arizona.
44-78018 33414 Preserved by USAF Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton, Ohio.
44-78019 33415 Preserved at Joe Davis Heritage Park, Plant 42, Palmdale, California.
44-78573 22396 Preserved by 82nd Airborne Division Memorial Museum at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.
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