Fairchild C-123 Provider Census

Serial c/n Owner and notes
Costa Rica
54-0663 20112 Preserved as El Avion restaurant in Costa Verde. In USAF South-East Asia camouflage.
El Salvador
122 20259 Preserved by air force museum, San Salvador.
4525 20186 Ex air force. Preserved Zamboanga.
54632 20081 Ex air force. Preserved Cebu.
South Korea
40622 20071 On display in Boramae Park, Seoul.
40662 20111 Preserved at Air Force Academy, Cheonju.
40678 20127 Preserved at Korea Air Force Technical High School Collection, Jinju..
40687 20136 Preserved Hodam Air And Space Center, Muan.
54511 20172 Gimhae Air Force Base Collection.
54509 20170 Air Force. Stored Sungnam City-Seoul air base.
54510 20171 Used as decoy at Gimhae Air Force Base.
55-523 20184 Gimhae Air Force Base Collection. Status uncertain.
54561 20222 Used as decoy at Gimhae Air Force Base.
54564 20225 Preserved by KAI Aerospace Museum, Sachon air base.
56-4389 20270 Preserved by War Memorial Museum, Seoul. Marked as '10389'.
64392 20276 Peace And Freedom Protection Museum, Dongducheon.
64394 20278 Seoul Air Force Base Collection Museum, Seognam City.
Used as decoy at Gimhae Air Force Base. Identity unconfirmed.
Used as decoy at Gimhae Air Force Base. Identity unconfirmed.
On display at Yeongdeok New and Reusable Energy Center. Identity unconfirmed.
603 20189 Preserved Chinese Air Force Museum, Kangshan air base.
289 20299 On roof of Caltex garage on Highway 34, Bang Wua, south of Bangkok.
548 20209 Preserved in base collection at Bangkok-Don Muang AFB. Carries false serial 55-569.
552 20001 Preserved at Royal Thai AF Anti-Aircraft Division camp opposite Thai National Memorial, Bangkok.
555/L4-6/07 20004 Preserved at Royal Thai Air Force Museum, Bangkok-Don Muang.
565 20226 In closed Jomtien Waterpark.
569 20230 Royal Thai Armed Forces Academies Preparatory School collection, Nakhon Nayan.
575 20024 Ubon Ratchatchani Air Force Base collection.
576 20236 Jesada Technical Museum, Nakhon Chaisi.
576A 20237 Jesada Technical Museum, Nakhon Chaisi.
698 20147 In Caterpillar dealer compound On Highway 34 at Bang Plee, between Bangkok and Pattaya. 
700 20149 Stored Lop Buri AFB. 
705 20154 Commando Training Centre, Kampshaeng Saen Air Force Base collection.
713/L4kh-17/18 20162 Preserved at Vietnam Veterans Museum, Surasi army camp, Kanchanaburi. 
4113 20019. Preserved Chiang Mai air force base.
- - Preserved at campground in Muek Lek, north-east of Bangkok. White with red markings and false propellers. May be 54-568 c/n 20029.
United States
N38LF 20123 Air America Foundation, Space Coast Regional Airport, Titusville, Florida. Marked 674.
N87DT 20030 Compass Rose, Chino, California. Marked as 54-0581.
N98 20219 Preserved by Museum of Alaska Transportation and Industry, Wasilla, Alaska.
N123K 20014 Was flown by Thunderbird Aviation as 54-0565. To Colorado Aviation Museum Maintenance Organization, Grand Junction, Colorado, in 2002.
N123KJ 20108 Astre Air International. Front Range, Colorado. Ex 54-0659. Under restoration ARM, Tucson, Arizoa.
N546S 20064 Stored by Skymaster Aviation at Kingman, Arizona.
N681DG 20130 Stored by Robinson Air Crane at Opa Locka, Miami. For Hagerstown Aviation Museum, Maryland.
N709RR 20158 All West Freight Inc, Delta Junction, Alaska. Written off Denali National Park, Alaska, 8/10.
N3142D 20029 Preserved by Pima Air and Space Museum, Tucson, Arizona.
N4254H 20052 Estate of John Eshleman, Wasilla, Alaska.
N4390E 20274 All West Freight, Wreck at Delta Junction, Alaska.
N8190B 20144 Mid-America Transportation and Aviation Museum, Sioux City, Iowa.
N9692N 20041 Flown by Northeast Aviation Group out of Scotia, New York State. Marked as 54-592 'Ponderous Polly'.
N22968 20113 Flown by Air Heritage, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. Marked as 54-066 'Thunder Pig'..
54-0593 20042 Preserved by Willford Hall Medical Center, Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Texas.
54-0604 20053 Preserved by Linear Air Park at Dyess AFB, Texas.
54-0609 20058 Preserved by 82nd Airborne Division Memorial at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.
54-0610 20059 Preserved by Hill Aerospace Museum at Hill AFB, Utah. Marked as '3836'.
54-0612 20061 Preserved by March Field Museum at March AFB, California.
54-0619 20068 Stored in scrapyard next to AMARC, Davis-Monthan AFB, Tucson, Arizona. Status uncertain.
54-0629 20078 Preserved at McGuire AFB, New Jersey.
54-0633 20082 Preserved by Museum of Aviation at Warner Robins AFB, Georgia.
54-0658 20107 Preserved at Air Mobility Command Museum at Dover AFB, Delaware.
54-0668 20117 Preserved by USAF History and Traditions Museum at Lackland AFB, Texas.
54-0669 20118 Preserved at Pope AFB, North Carolina.Mrked as '372'
54-0683 20132 Preserved by AFFTC Museum at Edwards AFB, California.
54-0711 20160 Stored at AMARC, Davis-Monthan AFB, Tucson, Arizona. Noted 10/12.
55-4507 20168 Preserved by Jimmy Doolittle Air and Space Museum, Travis AFB, California.
55-4512 20173 Preserved by Castle Museum at Castle AFB, California.
55-4517 20178 Stored at AMARC, Davis-Monthan AFB, Tucson, Arizona. Noted 10/12.
55-4533 20194 Preserved at Hulburt Field Memorial Air Park, Florida.
55-4567 20228 Little Rock AFB Collection, Arkansas..
56-4357 20241 Ex Royal Thai Air Force. Stored by Hamilton Aviation at Tucson, Arizona. Also N6828. Prototype C123T.
56-4361 20245 Abandoned at Wendover, Utah, after filming for movie Con-Air. Falsely marked as a second N709RR.
56-4362 20246 Preserved by USAF Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton, Ohio.
56-4390 20274 Preserved by Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum at Anchorage, Alaska. Marked as N4390E.
56-4395 20279 Preserved by Alaska ANG Museum at Kulis ANGB, Alaska.
4505 20166 Preserved by Pima Air and Space Museum, Tucson, Arizona. Ex-US Coast Guard.
Venezuela All air force
1150 In ground use by air force parachute school, Maracay.
1449 20285 In ground use by air force parachute school, Maracay.
1673 Preserved at Venezuelan Air Force Museum, Maracay.
1803 Stored El Libertador.
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