Fairchild C-119 Census

Serial c/n Owner and notes
CP-10 10690 Preserved at Melsbroek, Brussels.
CP-46 252 Preserved by Musee Royale De l'Armee, Brussels.
FAB2304 10968 In ground use by air force parachute school at Campo Dos Afonsos.
FAB2305 10970 Preserved at Campo Dos Afonsos by Museu Aeroespacial.
910 - Stored Asmara. Status uncertain.
911 11277 Stored Debre Zeyit.
912 11066 Stored Debre Zeyit.
915 11999 Stored Debre Zeyit.
916 11211 Stored Debre Zeyit.
917 11171 Stored Debre Zeyit.
918 11086 Stored Debre Zeyit.
919 - Remains at Debre Zeyit.
IK450 11262 Preserved by Indian Air Force Museum, Delhi. Not on general display.
IK455 11286 Stored by IAF at Agra.
IK463 11310 Stored by IAF at Agra.
MM51-8121 124 Dismantled at Perimental SpA, Castrette di Villorba.
MM52-6020 10950 Preserved Rivolto.
MM52-6029 11030 Preserved at Udine-Campoformido.
MM53-3200 11213 Preserved at Pisa-San Giusto.
MM53-3219 11235 Preserved Castel Volturno.
MM53-8146 249 Preserved outside Piana delle Orme museum, Borgo Faiti.
N3267U 10885 Stored Nairobi. Complete but has not flown for many years.
CNA-MH/862 11283 Preserved by Moroccan Air Force at Menara air base, Marrakech.
CNA-MN/126 10943 Preserved by Moroccan Air Force at Kenitra.
South Korea
3199 11212 Preserved at War Memorial Museum, Seoul.
3120 10938 Pingtung Air Force Base Collection.
3144 10973 Preserved Kao Yuan Insitute Of Technology, Kaosiung.
3158 11295 China Institute of Technology, Hengshan air base.
3160 10724 Military Aircraft Park, Sihu.
3183 10965 Preserved Baguashan Giant Buddha Scenic Area, Changhua City.
3184 11003 Preserved Chichi Military Park, Jiji.
3190 109 Preserved by Chinese Air Force Museum, Kaosiung.
3202 10706 Preserved Nanhua Water Reservoir, Nanhua.
3204 153 Stored Pingtung.
United Kingdom
N2700 10689 Nose preserved by Wings World War Two Remembrance Museum, Balcombe.
United States
N1394N 10840 John S Reffett, Palmer, Alaska.
N3003 10737 Stored by Hawkins and Powers Aviation, Greybull, Wyoming.
Stored by Hawkins and Powers Aviation, Greybull, Wyoming. Marked as Canadian AF 22106.
N3559 10870 Preserved by Dover AFB Museum, Delaware. Marked as '12881'.
N3935 10824 Stored by Hawkins and Powers Aviation, Greybull, Wyoming. On display. Marked as N5216R.
N5216R 10956 Preserved Lander, Nevada.
N8091 10906 Preserved by March Field Museum, March AFB, California. Also 22122.
N8092 10678 Preserved by 1941 Historical Aircraft Group Museum, Geneseo, New York. In Canadian markings.
N8093 10776 Hagerstown Aviation Museum, Hagerstown, Maryland.
N8094 10994 Stored Greybull, Wyoming.
N8501W 10880 John S Reffett. Stored Palmer, Alaska.
N8504Z 11253 Everts Air Fuel. Stored Fairbanks, Alaska.
N8505A 179 Stored Greybull, Wyoming.
N9027K 176 Stored by Classic Air Transport at Anchorage, Alaska.
N13743 10369 Preserved by Pima Air and Space Museum, Tucson, Arizona.
N13744 10436 Preserved by Castle Air Museum, Castle AFB, California. Also 49-0199.
N13745 10304 Preserved by Milestones of Flight Museum, Lancaster-Fox Field, California.
N15501 10955 Lauridsen Air Museum, Buckeye, Arizona.
N15505 10684 Stored at DF Pratt Museum, Fort Campbell, Kentucky.
N37636 253 Stored Greybull, Wyoming.
22105 10736 Preserved at Niagara Falls, New York as '51-2680'.
22107 10738 Preserved by Hill Aeropace Museum, Hill AFB, Utah. Marked as 52-2107. Was believed to be c/n 10775.
22114 10825 Preserved at McClellan AFB, California.
22116 10860 Preserved by National Infantry Museum, Columbus, Georgia..
22134 10993 Preserved by Travis Museum at Travis AFB, California.
48-0352 10334 Preserved by AFTC Museum, Edwards AFB, California.
49-0157 10394 Preserved by Pima Air and Space Museum, Tucson, Arizona.
50-128 10446 Preserved by Pope Museum at Pope AFB, North Carolina. Marked as 33182.
51-2566 10524 Preserved by Museum of Aviation at Warner-Robbins AFB, Georgia.
51-2567 10525 Preserved by USAF History and Traditions Museum at Lackland AFB, Texas.
51-2675 10664 Preserved at Pate Museum of Transport at Cresson, Texas.
51-8024 10767 Preserved by Strategic Air Museum at Offutt AFB, Nebraska.
51-8037 10915 Preserved by USAF Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton, Ohio.
52-5850 11009 Preserved at Grissom AFB, Indiana.
53-3144 11155 Preserved at Hurlburt Field, Florida.
53-8071 174 In scrapyard next to AMARC, Davis-Monthan AFB, Tucson, Arizona.
53-8074 177 Henry Jenkins, Pima - Flying G Ranch, Arizona.
53-8084 187 Preserved at Little Rock AFB, Arkansas.
53-8087 190 Preserved by 82nd Airborne Division Memorial Museum at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.
53-8126 229 In scrapyard next to AMARC, Davis-Monthan AFB, Tucson, Arizona. Believed scrapped.
131677 10844 Preserved by Mid Alantic Air Museum at Reading, Pennsylvania. Also N175ML.
131644 10831 In ARM scrapyard next to AMARC, Davis-Monthan AFB, Tucson, Arizona.
131679 10882 Preserved at DF Pratt Museum, Fort Campbell, Kentucky.
131688 10855 Preserved by Fred E Weisbrod Museum at Pueblo, Colorado.
131708 10893 Preserved by Flying Leathernecks Aviation Museum, Miramar, California.
131715 10900 In National scrapyard next to AMARC, Davis-Monthan AFB, Tucson, Arizona.
119 AC119G. Stored Ho Chi Minh City.
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