Breguet Provence

Br763 306
306 Breguet Provence c/n 306 Fontenay-Tresigny, France 6/01 
Br763 306
Br763 306
Top deck of Provence 306 in use as a restaurant. Down a spiral staircase is a bar and a small museum.
Br765 501
501 Breguet Sahara c/n 501 Evreux, France 9/05
Br765 504
504 Breguet Sahara c/n 504 Preserved at Toulouse, France 5/06
Br763 504
Br763 504

Br763 504

Serial c/n Owner and notes
306 306 Br763 Provence. Preserved as restaurant and bar at Aero Club de Fontenay, Fontenay-Tresigny, east of Paris, France. Painted as F-BACC in Air France colours.
501 501 Br765 Sahara. Preserved at Evreux Air Force base, Evreux, France. This aircraft is parked near one of the entrances to this Transall base and easily visbile through the wire fence.
504 504 Br765 Sahara. Preserved but incomplete at Toulouse-Blagnac by Ailes Anciennes Toulouse.

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