Beech 18 European Census

Serial Mark c/n Owner and notes
OE-FSH D18S A-288 Airworthy. Helmut Konig, Graz.
Czech Republic
N9550Z C-45H AF-586 Airworthy. Mnichovo Hradiste.
N21FS B18 Airworthy. Opmas.
F-AZEJ E18S BA-359 Airworthy. Amicale Jean Baptisye Salis, La Ferte Alais. Marked as 22429.
F-AZNX C-45B 5990 Under restoration Beauvais.
F-AZZF C-45G AF-461 Airworthy. Thales Consulting, Lognes.
F-BUOP E18S BA-184 Stored Cannes Mandelieu. Marked as FBCCI.
4. JRB-4 7849 Preserved Lann Bihoue airfield, Lorient.
25 JRB-4 8643 Stored Musee de l'Aeronautique Navale, Rochefort.
76 JRB-4 8608 Musee de l'Air et de l'Espace, Paris. Stored Dugny.
122 C-45 5868 Preserved Musee de Warluis, Warluis.
709 SNB-5 MD-13 Stored Musee de l'Aeronautique Navale, Rochefort.
6250 C-45 Musee Aeronautique de Champagne, Brienne Le Chateau.
35683 3T 6250 Association Amicale Alencennaise de Avions Anciens, Alencon-Valframbert.
C-45 Preserved Musee Departemental de la Resistance, Tergnier. Marked as '4475' in USAAF colours.
D-IROM C-45 BA-328 Airworthy. Helmuth Beyerlein, Straubing. US Navy colours.
N223JW. H18 tri-gear. BA-716 Airworthy. Trier.
TF-JFA C-45H AF-602 Airworthy. Flugsafn Island, Akureyri.
Irish Republic
G-BSZC C-45H AF-258 Airworthy. Christy Keane, Weston aerodrome. For future air museum. Also 51-11701. Noted Duxford, UK 5/14.
MM61677 C-45F 8118 Restaurante zi Pietro, Vermicino. Marked as 'VN-01'.
MM61714 C-45F 6976 Stored Gruppo Amici Storici workshop, Revelli Metallik, San Marco Torinese.
MM61722 C-45F 6344 Preserved outside restaurant, Bosco Reale.
MM61734 C-45F 6566 Under restoration Rome Guidonia.
MM61743 C-45F 6668 Preserved Olbi. Marked as 'I-SARE'.
MM61754 C-45F 6964 Preserved Ditellandia Park, Castel Volturno.
MM61755 C-45F 6394 Instituto Tecnico A Maligani, Udine.
MM61762 C-45F 7943 Stored Rome Guidonia.
N495F C-45H AF-888 Preserved Malta Aviation Museum, Ta'qali.
G-BKRG C-45G AF-522 Preserved Aviodrome, Lelystad.
PH-KHV 3NM CA-254 Airworthy. Stichtung Koninklijke Historische Vlucht, Gilze-Rijen.
PH-UBY D18S A-101 Preserved on pole at Kleyngeld car dealer, Nijmegen-West.
AT-7 A-472 Militaire Luchtvaart Museum, Soesterberg. Marked as 'G-10'.
2502 AT-11 Dumped in skip, Sesimbra.
2504 AT-11 1431 Museo do Or, Sintra.
2513 C-45 CA-76 Stored Ota air force base.
2515 C-45 Stored Ota air force base.
2516 C-45 Stored Ota air force base.
2517 C-45 CA-94 Dumped Alverca air force base.
EC-ASJ C-45H AF-752 Airworthy. Fundacion Infante Orleans, Madrid Cuatro Vientos.
N9886A E18S BA-6 Preserved Malaga airport. Marked as 'EC-ASJ'.
N2052D D18S A-932 Stored Swedish Airforce Museum, Malmen airfield, Linkoping.
HB-GAC G18S 8434 Preserved Fliegermuseum, Dubendorf.
N45CF G18S BA-466 Airworthy. Carlo Ferrari, Grenchen.
N223CM 3NM A-873 Airworthy. Hugo Mathys, Grenchen.
N8495A H18 tri-gear BA-668 Airworthy. Basel Mulhouse.
6815 AT-11 957 Preserved Merzifon airfield.
6830 AT-11 3225 Preserved Turkish Air Force Museum, Ankara Etimesgut.
6833 AT-11 3297 Preserved Bandirma.
6840 AT-11 3377 Preserved Ankara Akinci. Marked as 46-840.
6865 AT-11 4972 Preserved Balikesir airfield.
6904 AT-11 3538 Preserved Malatya Erhac.
6923 AT-11 4026 Preserved Diyarbakir.
6930 AT-11 4561 Preserved Turkish Airforce Museum, Istanbul Yesilkoy.
6933 AT-11 4581 Preserved Eskisehir.
United Kingdom
G-ASUG E18S Museum of Flight, Scotland, Loganair colours.
G-BKGL 3TM Airworthy. Aircraft Restoration Company, Duxford, Cambridgeshire. Marked as 1164, USAAC.
G-BKGM 3TM CA-203 Airworthy. Skyblue Aviation, Exeter. Royal Air Force colours as HB275.
G-BKRN D18S Beech Restorations, Bruntingthorpe, Leicestershire.
N663TB H18 BA-663 Airworthy. Based North Weald, Essex.
N96240 B18S Stored North Weald, Essex. To France in 2014.
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